Welcome to Fairies in America!

Welcome to Fairies in America!

These  are  Mayan  ruins  in  Belize,  called  by   locals  Altuan Ha. The  ruins  were   discovered  by   locals  when  they  were   digging,  they  found  huge deposits   of  jade.  This   discovery   led   to  an   archeological  dig  and  the temples   of  the   sun  were   revealed.  Laser  studies  of   the   surrounding  area   reveal   a  city  that  housed 20,000-30,000  occupants.  Curiously  enough   there  was   a  high   priestess’s  tomb  discovered   at   this   site.  

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Sidestep Catapult Drives me Wild

Sidestep Catapult Drives Me Wild By Elizabeth Kirwin Buy Sidestep Catapult I woke this morning from a dream of wild animals carousing in the backyard – so I reached for the book beside my bed:  Sidestep Catapult, by Anne-Adele Wight. I found those same creatures described by my own unconscious lurking in her poems.  Some […]

Why Does Medical Marijuana Purchase Have to be So Hard from State to State?

After spending 2017-2019 in Colorado, and now living in New Jersey, I am absolutely a Medical Cannabis activist.  I feel there is really no need for recreational marijuana dispensaries in the U.S. if Medical Cannabis is made legal throughout the land. The problem is that we have been working on Medical Marijuana since the mid […]

NJ Medical Marijuana Program Too Long a Wait and Too Expensive

by Elizabeth Kirwin I applauded Governor Murphy during my last post for expanding the medical marijuana program to include conditions like chronic pain and anxiety.  I also want to give him a big KUDOS for the way he has handled the COVID-19 Pandemic in the state of NJ, right from the outset, deploying all of […]

Getting Your Medical Marijuana Card in NJ

Thank you so much Governor Murphy for opening up the Medical Marijuana laws in New Jersey. Now people with chronic pain can make the transition off opiods, which are highly addictive and not recommended for long-term use. Medical Marijuana laws in NJ also allow patients with Anxiety and Depression issues to cycle off the high […]

Penny Tration of Ru Paul’s Drag Race Season 5 to appear in Norfolk, VA for Pet Food Benefit

The event is hosted by local drag sensation Eunita Biskit, also known as ‘That Crazy Bearded Lady’ who has emceed drag shows in the Hampton Roads area for over five years.

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