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The Tribe is Gathering for Beltane, some are Stuck in Their own Backyards

Monday, April 27th, 2009

It’s been a wonderful spring here in Virginia, but I miss my tribe.  With the destination of short mountain  13 hours away, it seems like such a long distance to drive. I will not be attending this year, though some of my magical companions from Asheville will be there.

I can feel the spirit of the Spring Gathering, and those who participate, already welling inside of me.  I know Yurt Village will be full to the brim, and a fire will burn on the knoll each night, until Beltane Eve, when the old Maypole is taken down and burned in solemn ceremony. I dream of witch camp on the edge of the lovely faery gardens, the bottoms, and the lodge in the morning. While coffee is brewing we catch up after six months or so of not seeing each other, and exchange exciting ideas about our craft, earth worship, living on the land, living in a city, and whatnot.  Before long it is noon and the lunch bell is ringing.

I have heard from many faeries across the East Coast and into TN that they will not be able to make it this year. Resources are scarce. Many say, that the spring gathering (which was overflowing with too many people last year), will be smaller than ever. No matter the number of faeries attending, it will be alive with excitement and all of the delights of the faery world.

While I’m dreaming in my own backyard, on Beltane, I’ll be with the tribe, stirring the cauldron, and inviting the elements to join us in our earth dance.

Faery kisses to all. And a blessed spring.