Sacred Sexuality

The idea of sacred sexuality began long ago in time periods far far away from this one, when the human womb and the act of creation was thought to be sacred.

Today, the idea of bearing children is connected more to family and tribe and community and sometimes – though not always – to ego.

But what of the act of the body itself?  And not just what is sometimes created by it?   What about the energetic movement behind the sexual act?  Isn’t the act of sexuality the sacred expression of life itself? By connecting with another enlightened spirit in the act of sexuality, many first learn how to ascend their own bodies and become part of source energy.

Through a regular practice of sacred sexuality, with a partner who is also enlightened and committed to this intention – anyone can bring anything into being. So the act of sacred sexuality, with divine purpose, united by two energies, can actually create something new and wonderful – much like a new, spontaneously gorgeous life.