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Nobody has a right to determine anyone else’s gender,Thank you.

photo: Tuesdae, an Asheville faery, by Suzanne Wejbro

A photo of Tuesdae, an Asheville faery, by Suzanne Wejbro

Sex is biological. Gender, as faeries believe, is mutable. Shapeshifting is part of faery magic. When masculine and feminine are joined within, the highest states of consciousness can be reached, and faeries can directly access the divine. We all have the power to do this, whether we are human or faery beings. Yet fairies do this naturally, as part of our ritual with the world. Being able to move between the two worlds also yields other sublime states. In sexual acts, one can be either or, and the sacredness of the act is sanctioned through this exchange.

photo: Tuesdae, by Benji Sanford

A photo of Tuesdae by Benji Sanford. The models and contributors of will deconstruct and collapse gender identities with photography. will continue to show a broad overview of the many ways gender identities can be expressed. We invite your commentary on the fairy blog regarding our photographs. Join Fairies In America for Free to post to the blog or leave a comment on the blog.

photo: Courthouse Drag — PandemoniYum

Courthouse Drag