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The Faery Tree

Faery Gardner’s faery tree in West Asheville

Baton Rouge to Waynesville – The Faery Tree

Tracing the origins and phenomenon of the faery tree from Baton Rouge and New Orleans, Louisiana to Waynesville, North Carolina has been a journey that doesn’t end here.

The faery tree will next pop up in 2 other places in West Asheville, North Carolina, faery headquarters, as living trees in the backyards of faery practitioners.

Why do faeries, or those who believe in them, treat trees with such reverence? Trees are living beings, capable of conveying knowledge from times long past, and wisdom applicable to the here and now. After interviewing several spiritual practitioners, it is also believed that trees, when presented with some attention and care, are capable of bestowing gifts upon the person interacting with them.

Honoring a deep connection with nature, and all of the substances that emerge from it, the faery tree has emerged as a living symbol of the way in which American fairies practice their everyday magic.