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The fairy art page features the work of accomplished and emerging fairy artists who work with the natural world, supernatural, sexuality, gender and other faery themes to express faery magic through visual art. What we see in the material world is not always a complete reflection of existence. Faery art expresses the secret, the hidden, the unseen world and intermingles with the natural world and the human realm.

Here is a sample of Janet Mason’s photography. Janet Mason is a professional writer and photographer based in Philadelphia, PA.

The Wings Within is a photograph that I took this past June (2009) on Fifth Avenue at the New York City Pride March — the 40th anniversary. When I took the photo, I was drawn to the spirit of freedom in the man’s metamorphosis into a butterfly on this day of liberation when we take over the city and are undeniably ourselves.”

This photo is published on  http://prideinthestreets.blogspot.com/
It was inspired by the third gendered among us — the dykes in tattoos, the fags in feathers — some of us more or less pass in the everyday-ness of life — but we owe the path in front of us to those who are most audaciously themselves.”  -Janet Mason