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Far UVC Light & Air Purification Work to Eradicate COVID-19 in Private and Public Spaces

by Elizabeth Kirwin

How do we clean public and private spaces to make them safe for human use and kill the coronavirus now?  People in many states are living under the lifting of stay at home orders. Still the virus persists, and is airborne. In the U.S., there is not nearly enough testing. It’s obvious easing of restrictions in many states reflect economic concerns. In many other hot spots, demonstrations have brought people together – too close to avoid transmission.

How does a human being, concerned about their own health and well-being as well as that of their loved ones, deal with the new world of micro organisms that are lethal and. have no cure?

Ultraviolet Light Harnessed by Scientists for Decades

Ultraviolet Light (UV) emmanates from the sun and has been proven to be harmful to human skin in certain dosages.  Recently, a method known as Far UVC Light has been show to scientifically kill airborne pathogens to include viruses.  UV technology has been used to purify municipal water systems for well over a decade now, and across the globe.Most Notably, New York City has embraced a UV system at water facilities in recent years with great success.

Now ultraviolet light is being used to sanitize air, thus eliminating the dangers of COVID-19 in the family room, kitchen, bathrooms and ventilation systems.

There are many simple ways to employ UV air filtration at home or at work, to ensure a safer environment.

The only problem with UV light is that it has not been consistently and effectively demonstrated to the public. Scientists have deployed UV technology to purify large water systems, swimming pools an even ballast water from foreign ships.  For this reason, much of the general public remains largely unaware of UV and its power to eradicate viruses.

The advancement of Far UVC light now allows for safer disinfection of a room while humans are inhabiting it.  Hospitals have been deploying UV for years, using UV robots to disinfect rooms fo Ebola patients and other infectious viruses.  But UV light and it’s implication for disinfecting water and air, has been, until recently, an esotertic area of inquiry relegated to hard science and largescale projects.

Now it’s time to bring smaller, more affordable versions of far UVC light into homes and offices for greater safety from airborne viruses.

I suggest we begin to listen to modern science and medicine when it comes to use of far UVC light to eradicate the COVID-19 virus from public and private spaces.  Read the following article, published by ABC in Philadelphia to.understand the effectiveness and affordability of far UVC technology of eliminating COVID-19 virus and other viruses from public and private spaces.

ABC News Interviews a Doctor in Philadelphia who used a UV light device to clean PPE each night:

far UVC light eradicates COVID-19

UVC light is used on NYC Subway System to Eradicate COVID-19: 

Use UV air filtration systems in your home.  Prices range from $49 to 3,000 per unit. Find these UV air purification units on Ebay and Amazon, as well as individual company websites such as Molekule in the San Francisco area and Guardian Technologies in Ohio.