Colorado Cannabis

Choosing Plant Medicine
Learn by Doing – The Fairy Way

This web page is dedicated to the DIY fairy in all of us. This fairy wants to be well and happy and limit exposure to prescriptions and chemicals. Choosing the way of plant medicine, we have to empower ourselves to seek out the knowledge we need, use this newfound wisdom for ourselves – and help others become well and happy too.

Legal thc has been denied to many for too long.  In the wake of a 20-year medical marijuana movement in the U.S., many new methods of ingesting thc are available in legal states.

After so many years of running from the law, growing on the sly and distributing in secret, the weed that grows abundantly is legal. The medical industry and corporate America have taken notice. Industry and government have studied and developed various strains of marijuana and tested and deployed methods of ingesting thc that are relatively new. Those in illegal states accustomed to smoking flower may or may not have exposure or access to these methods.

Cannabis research has spurred the development of new types of thc products and brands.  In Colorado, every bit of cannabis, from seed to bud, has to be grown in the state.  Distillation warehouses and baking kitchens are separate from the grow operations but still must be housed in the state.  No products made in Colorado are legally allowed to cross the state line.

This brilliant scheme, designed to keep all the money made from cannabis in the state of Colorado, has had an unwanted negative impact. It has kept all of the great leaps made in cannabis products in Colorado within the state lines. THC products made here must stay here and cannot legally be sampled elsewhere.

The premise of this Web page is to empower the patient. In Colorado, many are seeking to manage pain, find a natural remedy for stomach issues and address sleep problems with thc.  There are other maladies that affect the human body that can be aided with thc as well.  It is hard to find a doctor who is thc friendly and can and will recommend products that will help for each specific condition.

So the cannabis patient often has to seek out help on his or her own. Usually, he or she will end up in a medical dispensary, asking advice on any number of conditions from a budtender.  Budtenders are not medical practitioners but many of them are patients themselves.   So they recommend products and specific strains of marijuana that have worked for them.  The patient then takes the product home and tests it.  If it works for the patient, he or she returns to the medical dispensary and buys some more.

Based on this practice, the medical marijuana movement has grown. Patients have learned to manage their own conditions by asking questions.  Some are lucky enough to have doctors to consult.

The status quo objection to herbal medicine is nothing new for fairies who use plant medicine on a regular basis.  Herbalists, not doctors, make recommendations.  Because of the advances in medicating with thc – it’s time to take matters into our own hands and learn by doing.  Since I am currently based in Colorado, I will share my trips to various pharmacies and products I utilize online.  If you happen to make a trip to Colorado, you will already know what you want and need to try.

I encourage marijuana writers and influencers in Colorado to contact me. There is a lot of work to be done and new perspectives are needed.  Call or text:  828-505-7254 if interested in submitting DIY reviews, photos and short films. Payment is negotiable.