The Clear – A THC Cartridge that Leaves the Rest in the DUST

By Elizabeth Kirwin

The Clear is an awesome vape cart designed by chemists and scientists.

I have been in Colorado for two years. It was not until this past May (2019) that I discovered the joy of vaping cartridges. I have been addicted to flower for decades and it was not an easy switch. Lately, I have given myself permission to do both. Instead of making a choice between vaping or smoking flower, allow room for experimentation.

After months of experimentation in Colorado, I was forced into vaping for a select time period. I went on a cruise to Central America in late April.   I had to leave all of my flower in the car when I got on the ship. My friend I traveled with brought along this Dazz Vape and 6 cartridges. I had my usual Pandon vaporizer for the trip. We shared a lot during the seven day cruise.

The Clear is the BEST distillate cart in Colorado.

When we finally returned to my place in Colorado Springs, we were out of cartridges. So I went to my local dispensary and purchased a sampling of ‘carts.’ I realized I was vaping thc distillate – which is put through a different process than wax. We tried the various carts, including Maggies Farm’s brand – High Tech. I even vaped Evolab.

My friend told me that The Clear was the best. He is right.

After deeper research on The Clear, I see that smart research and development on the thc distillate brought together scientists and chemical engineers to brainstorm the final product. The Clear lives up to it’s brand name. It appears to be far clearer thc distillate than most.

The Clear has added fruits and flavor — all naturally derived and enhanced through a special distillation process. If you happen to be in Colorado and can get ahold of The Clear, I recommend the Lime Sorbet. It really tastes like you just had some lime dessert.

I also loved the DazzVape so much that I acquired one of my own. The only problem is – what to do when you’re out of The Clear? Look for those BOGO 50% off sales. Buying during a BOGOG sale makes for a softer landing once you see the price tag on The Clear. Maggies Farm Medical Dispensary in Colorado Springs sells these carts for $27 (classic) and $37 (elite). In recreational dispensaries The Clear will be far more expensive.

Despite the high price on The Clear thc distillate I feel it is worth it.   I tasted the difference in The Clear as opposed to other cartridges right away. And it’s not just the real fruit flavor that comes through either. The Clear 500 mg classic cartridge is all I need to microdose and solve some pain issues temporarily. I can also focus on one or multiple tasks. When I smoke flower my mind is in a fog and sometimes I have trouble focusing on things.

I am totally focused when I vape The Clear and am high at the same time. It’s a smooth consistent high.

I feel bad for the cannabis consumers in other states – who cannot try The Clear. Hopefully someday this excellent brand will be traded across state lines.