Colorado’s Top Three Medical Edibles

By Elizabeth Kirwin

Though I have not sampled all of the edible brands in Colorado, I have ingested quite a few. I know the difference between a good edible and one that is flat. Flat means you don’t get anything from it – except a sugar high. Colorado had to reign in the edible industry early on. A news reporter, Maureen Dowd, came to Colorado when cannabis first became legal. She ate a whole chocolate bar in her hotel room. Suffice it to say Maureen Dowd had a bad edible experience that included common symptoms: paranoia, fear, uncontrollable high. These similar symptoms are reported by emergency room patients to doctors in Colorado who admitted to over ingesting edibles.

So the State of Colorado made specific laws for recreational and medical edibles, placing a 10 mg limit on recreational edibles, and an extraordinarily high ceiling on medical edibles. For example, a purchase of 10 gummies at a recreational dispensary is limited to 100 mg. In medical dispensaries, 100 mg gummies add up to 1000 mg containers of edibles.

Having purchased both recreational and medical edibles in the State of Colorado I far prefer the medical variety for obvious reasons. The consumer is paying almost the same amount of money for 10 gummies, yet the medical consumer gets 900 more miligrams of THC.

Here are my top three picks for Medical Edibles:


  1. Cheeba Chews – (two to a pack, 35 mg. each)

    medical edibles colorado

    Cheeba Chews 2 dose package is an excellent way to end the day.

Cheeba Chews have outdone the market with these 2 packs of 35 mg taffy edibles. First of all, taffy is one of my favorite candies, so I am prejudice.   One of these Cheeba Chews will have you dancing around the living room and lighting up a smile for the neighbor or roomate you love to hate. One evening, I decided to eat both (two hours apart). I don’t remember much else after this, because I passed out. I woke up about 12 hours later. So, unless you really need to sleep, or you are three times larger than me, I would suggest you only take one at a time.


  1. Sweet Grass Kitchen’s Brownies (100 mg each)

Sweet Grass Kitchen’s 100 mg medical edible brownie is superb. 

Having a crises in your life and don’t know what to do about it? In for a busy day of work, errand running and a visit to the gym at night?   Tired of the painkillers your doctor prescribed? Need to be in a good mood for once? Grab a Sweet Grass Kitchen brownie and forget about it all. You will have plenty of energy to enjoy the day and do everything you have dreamed of doing. First, it might be helpful to clear your mind. This may involve telling the rest of the world to fuck-off momentarily while you enjoy this magnificent, mind bending through the rabbit hole high on this joyous day. Whatever you decide to do, my advice is – keep moving. These edibles are not for couch potatoes.   There are edibles for couch potatoes – just not these.


  1. Blue Kudu’s Mint Chocolate Cookies (20 mg. each)

    There is little that can top a Blue Kudu chocolate bar. But Blue Kudu has done it with the Mink Kookies. A nice even thc high is what you can expect from these gluten free delights.

My niece in Denver turned me onto Blue Kudu’s chocolate bars while I was still purchasing recreational cannabis. I was impressed with Blue Kudu’s chocolates. Even in small recreational doses of 10-20 mg, I was pleasantly high. I never had a flat experience on Blue Kudu’s edibles.

Fast forward to my move to Colorado Springs in the summer of 2018. While living in this large urban area I had to get a medical card because that’s the only kind of dispensaries allowed within the city limits. I had a medical card for at least six months before I tasted Blue Kudu’s medical mint chocolate chip cookies. Even the 20 mg dosage is plenty for those who dabble in edibles, rather than make edibles a full-time occupation.

This is a short list of my favorite choices in medical edibles. It is by no means a comprehensive list of all of the edibles in the State of Colorado. That would be impossible without some committed research and funding to cover this wide territory. There are so many special, small batch brands in Colorado, like Sweet Grass Kitchen. And there is plenty of room for even more creativity in the field of making edibles.