Advanced Elvis Course (Soft Skull Press) $12.95 pb, by CAConrad

Was Elvis Queer? What is Jailhouse Rock Really About?

The Advanced Elvis Course is a book of poems that has created a controversy among Elvis fans. Learn about the author, CAConrad, and his depiction of Elvis, both real and imagined.

(July 20, 2009 Philadelphia PA) CAConrad’s controversial third book, Advanced Elvis Course, is our living magic realism of the spiritual icon Elvis Presley.  Well-received by the quirky, open-minded, the book has also garnered it’s share of angry hate mail from very serious, more conservative-minded Elvis fans.

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Rolling Stone Magazine‘s Book of Women in Rock editor, Barbara O’Dair says of this new book, “In CAConrad’s Advanced Elvis Course, a set of deadpan, dreamy prose works like odd footnotes and musing afterthoughts to a trip to Memphis’s Graceland.  Conrad diva-fies by proxy the cultural effluvia collecting at the feet of the man-god.”

The pages of Advanced Elvis Course blur the distinction between real and fictional experience and become a transcendental portrait of the legendary Elvis: the man who changed music and America forever, perhaps with some illegitimate children along the way. Through sources as disparate as graffiti written on the Graceland wall, talk-show interviews, phone messages, and magic divination, Conrad (whose unfettered energy doesn’t always feel that tied to reality) constructs a semi-mystical collage bursting with joy.

Famous art collector and publisher Jonathan Williams said of this book, “Conrad’s words are impeccably poised and razor-sharp.  They come from that old-time place called the Heart.  Better Conrad’s heart than Elvis’s (rumored to be half bacon grease and half out-of-date narcotics).  Mojo Nixon hath told us that Elvis is Everybody and Elvis is Everywhere.  Now we learn so much more about that.”


CAConrad is the recipient of THE GIL OTT BOOK AWARD for The Book of Frank (Chax Press, 2009).  He is also the author of Advanced Elvis Course (Soft Skull Press, 2009), (Soma)tic Midge (Faux Press, 2008), Deviant Propulsion (Soft Skull Press, 2006), and a forthcoming collaboration with poet Frank Sherlock titled THE CITY REAL & IMAGINED:  Philadelphia Poems (Factory School Books, 2010).  CAConrad is the son of white trash asphyxiation whose childhood included selling cut flowers along the highway for his mother and helping her shoplift.  He invites you to visit him online at and also with his friends at

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