Fairy Women: Photographs of Women Across the U.S.

Fairy Women: Seers, Warriors and Sex Goddesses

Reclaiming Our Sacred Sexuality

by PandemonYum

Wendy, with the time keeper crystal

A faery woman by the ocean. This photo essay is dedicated to the faery women across the United States who are free enough to express themselves fully in nature. These particular women are experiencing their sexuality and spirituality in the fullest sense and are proud of their bodies and their natural beauty.

A faery woman with her flute.

When faery women take themselves out into natural settings, in any state of dress or undress, it is erotic and provocative. Wherever they may gather, on private land, in national parks, or at events and public festivals, faery women always make a scene.

Some faery women are musically talented and when asked, they will often play their instruments outside, to the delight of listeners and onlookers.  When they play music, they bring the faeries from the ethereal world, who move close to listen and dance.

A faery woman musician prepares to play her instrument.


A faery woman praying in the daffodils.

Then there are the faery women who love to don elaborate costumes or simple but beautiful dresses and pray to their gods and goddesses in natural surroundings, where their deities are found.  These are special and sacred moments, captured only rarely on film.  These faery women can be seen praying to their pagan gods,  giving honor to their ancestors, and all living things on the earth.

A faery woman gives the peace sign.