Getting Your Medical Marijuana Card in NJ

Thank you so much Governor Murphy for opening up the Medical Marijuana laws in New Jersey. Now people with chronic pain can make the transition off opiods, which are highly addictive and not recommended for long-term use. Medical Marijuana laws in NJ also allow patients with Anxiety and Depression issues to cycle off the high […]

Penny Tration of Ru Paul’s Drag Race Season 5 to appear in Norfolk, VA for Pet Food Benefit

The event is hosted by local drag sensation Eunita Biskit, also known as ‘That Crazy Bearded Lady’ who has emceed drag shows in the Hampton Roads area for over five years.

Michael Rumaker – Fairy Poet

The second time I met Rumaker, he read, “The Fairies are Dancing All Over the World” to a crowded gallery full of people at the opening reception for the 75th Anniversary of Black Mountain College.

Author CAConrad Reads at Malaprop’s in Asheville on March 17th

CAConrad will give a reading at Malaprop’s Bookstore in downtown Asheville, NC on Thursday, March 17th, at 7pm.  Malaprop’s is located at 55 Haywood Street.  The direct phone number is 1-800-441-9829. Details for the event and other links can also be found on the author’s event page: In The Huffington Post poet and novelist […] Poets at The Jubilant Thicket Literary Series, Philadelphia

The Fairy Gothic Ballads are imaginary narratives of the land and the people of Ireland, and tell of their precarious relationship to the faeries, a sublime race of beings who rule the wilderness areas and make incursions into the human realm. Visit the Fairy Music section of to listen to free podcasts.

An Ancient Mare in Texas is Touched by Fairy Magic

When feeding my oldest mare yesterday, l noticed that she had a double braid in her lovely mane- something like a “lover’s knot” in the middle with 2 braids cleverly woven coming out of the knot on either side! (IMPOSSIBLE to untangle, so l let it be).

CAConrad is the Poetry Editor for was launched in April 2008 as a collective effort to accurately represent the creativity and unique philosophies of the faery community. The website publishes performance art, music, poetry, writing and visual art. also features essays on sexuality, gender, spirituality and more. Currently, membership to the website is free and those who join may post to the blog, or comment on blogs or pages on the website.

The Queen’s Rune and Other Tales of the Sidhe by Shannon Avery

Redemption flows through the Sidhe “love” poems as well; Avery’s poetic language—delicate one instant; eviscerating the next—evokes for human readers the depth of Sidhe passion and the core conflicts in all Sidhedom.

The Tribe is Gathering for Beltane, some are Stuck in Their own Backyards

It’s been a wonderful spring here in Virginia, but I miss my tribe.  With the destination of short mountain  13 hours away, it seems like such a long distance to drive. I will not be attending this year, though some of my magical companions from Asheville will be there. I can feel the spirit of […]

Beltane 2008: The Tribe is Gathering

Beltane is upon is and the tribe is now gathering to celebrate this sacred time.  In faeryland, preparations are already being made and connections from years long past are being renewed As we share in this sacred time together, I have noticed that our tribe is expanding.  In years past, there have not been so […]