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Beltane 2008: The Tribe is Gathering

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

Beltane is upon is and the tribe is now gathering to celebrate this sacred time.  In faeryland, preparations are already being made and connections from years long past are being renewed

As we share in this sacred time together, I have noticed that our tribe is expanding.  In years past, there have not been so many as there are now. As the earth changes, we welcome new people with  their energy and ideas for collective action. Just leave behind those broken hierarchical and materialistic patterns of behavior and embrace the faery way.

I met so many exciting, creative, spontaneous people in fairyland this past weekend. I can feel the love from everyone and the anticipation that we are beginning to form a whole new tribe and hive of beings, interwoven with one another.  We are  making some uplifting magic together.

The faeries have become known and are on the way to ‘popular.’ Let’s not forget to remember who we are during this heady time.


Moon Tide

Sunday, April 20th, 2008

“Moon Tide” Lyrics by Elizabeth Kirwin

Electronic Musical Accompaniment by C. Hill

In Celtic mythology, humans are abducted by fairies. This poem celebrates the capture of a moon tide swimmer by a sea fairy. The moon tide is the catching tide.

Moon Tide

Turtle Island in Fort Myers Florida is where this poem was written.